Buy a Boatload of Books

When you bulk-order 1200 books or more, Kevin or Jackie Freiberg along with Bruce Bochy will do an event for your organization or association.

Limited to the FIRST THREE participants.


An on-stage dialogue between Kevin or Jackie and Bruce that incorporates stories, anecdotes and video clips followed by a question and answer session with the audience.


Whether the subject is finding and developing great talent, getting talent to gel, building grit and resilience, or why accountability is critical to creating chemistry, this presentation will help your team and your organization think about what it means to play AS ONE.


Event to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for host and speakers. Host to provide facility and pay speakers’ first-class travel. Included is a one-hour book signing. Does NOT include signing baseball memorabilia.

Seize a Limited Opportunity

Part keynote, part fireside chat, and limited to a handful of engagements each year, the Bochy Ball Experience is a multimedia speaking event with Bruce, Kevin and/or Jackie that brings the lessons from Bochy Ball to your audience.

Your Objectives

Is the goal to reinforce a major initiative? STRETCH people’s thinking? Build more TEAM CHEMISTRY? Establish a business case for CHANGE or inspire a higher level of LEADERSHIP?


This presentation is not another celebrity-canned shtick. Clients frequently tell us they are floored by the level of customization we go to in our presentations. We take a deep dive into your business and the unique challenges you face. Then, wrap the lessons from Bochy Ball around your audience and your objectives.


An on-stage dialogue between Kevin and/or Jackie and Bruce that incorporates stories, anecdotes and video clips followed by a question and answer session with the audience.


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Special Offers: Find out how to get a Limited Edition canvas or copy of Bochy Ball signed by three-time World Champion Bruce Bochy.

Leadership and Change: Learn more about our speaking gigs, Bochy Ball Live, cranking up the volume on chemistry in your organization and bulk book orders.

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